Booklizer – Book Like Converter App

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Booklizer – Book Like Converter App

Booklizer is an “Image To PDF” converter application, specifically designed for making electronic books.
The scanned book images, which are imported from iTunes, will be changed to a PDF format “Book” and exported to other applications.

There are 3 editing setups, dividing, trimming and rotation.
* Dividing :
Set a dividing line position you want to divide.
For book scanning with two pages continuous, this dividing function makes it single page continuous.
There is no need to divide a real book before the image scanning.

* Trimming :
Cut out an excess part.
This trimming function can be used for extracting a book cover that is paired with an empty page.

* Rotation :
In case you scanned without paper orientation (or if your scanner didn’t have any rotation adjustment), this function compensates for it.

This application has other functions such as :
copy of setups, single image output, a quality setting, a preview viewer.
* Copy of setups :
Copying one image setups to other images.
It is efficient because the scanned images often have the same size and same dividing position.
Of course, individual setups can be changed after copying.

* Single image output :
It takes a lot of time to output all together. If you want to check the result quickly,
a single image output is suitable. After outputting, you’ll see a preview and check it with your design.

* Quality setting :
A quality control for the output. At the highest quality, it can often make file size too big.
Adjust this value for a book has only texts, taking into account the file size.

* Preview viewer :
Although this application’s preview doesn’t have functions such as bookmarks,
you can see the PDF and check the result.

This application is ideal for making electronic books, and it is useful as a PDF converter.
The following list shows possible errors. If errors are occurred,
please check the suggestions below:

1. Clash sometimes
This application uses a lot of memory for image editing.
Most problems are from lack of memory, so try quitting other applications.

2. Error on image importing
If you see the error message “Denied Access Error”, please check the “Location Service” switch in the “Settings” application.
If this switch is off, you are unable to import images.

3. Can not send PDF
This application sometimes cannot send PDF files to other applications, if the file size is too big.
In that case, please use iTunes File Sharing on your PC.