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Convert to PDF

Convert to PDF allows you to convert almost all known document formats to PDF. Convert existing documents, images or other file formats to PDF! And after the conversion you can use multiple ways of sharing the file!

How can we convert almost every file on your phone? Well, the converting is accomplished by uploading your file to the cloud where it will be converted and downloaded back to your phone. This all occurs really fast.

- Over 100 source formats are supported
- Convert to PDF (.pdf)
- Use the ‘Open with’ option to load files
- Use the image gallery to load an image or take one using the camera
- Send the created document by email
- Share converted files through the web (the app will temporarily act as a webserver, you can optionally specify a login)
- Upload converted file to a WebDAV server
- Upload converted file to your Dropbox account
- Upload converted file to a FTP server
- Upload converted file using the HTTP POST method (for example to your own server where a PHP script saves the file)
- Start a web (HTTP) server so you can access all converted files (specify an optional login)
- Start a FTP server (specify an optional login)
- Start a WebDAV server (specify an optional login)
- Open the converted file (if a viewer is installed on your device, the app itself won’t view the converted files).
- A progress log shows the upload and download status
- When finished choose to delete the source file
- A full list with all previously converted files is kept (which you can open, email, rename, etc)
- Use File Sharing from iTunes to transfer converted files to your computer

NOTE: For the share through web, HTTP Server, FTP Server and WebDAV server it is best for the sender and receiver to be on the same (WIFI) network.

Note, we might not be able to convert the following files:
- Files bigger than 100 mb