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“…brain-blendingly ingenious…” – EUROGAMER.NET

This highly addictive puzzler turns classic blocks games upside down and inside out! Rotate and flip the game board, think in many dimensions and challenge your brain, not the clock!

★ Unique gameplay!
★ 6 game modes and 4 board sizes
★ Intuitive touch-controls
★ Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Doptrix includes six modes of play:

CLASSIC mode allows you to turn, rotate, and flip the game board as well as move and swap shapes. Creativity and ingenuity are elemental to high results.

REFLECTION is an interesting twist on Classic mode where each new shape automatically flips the board.

SURVIVAL mode challenges you to last as long as you can in a game where each turn a new block is randomly placed on the board.

ALTERNATIVE mode features simple shapes, but this doesn’t mean this game will be easy. You can’t move shapes in this mode, therefore, it is essential that you carefully plan your play several moves ahead.

In PUZZLE mode you should solve, well.. puzzles. There are currently 50 of them varying from easy to very hard. Many players say this is their favourite mode in Doptrix.

And last, but not least – CHALLENGE, where you are given a limited number of shapes and a randomly generated board. You have to think strategically to beat the levels and get a high score.

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