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Sleep Pillow Baby Lullaby

With this app your baby and you will sleep tonight. Its the most effective app of its kind, specifically made to help babies and their mommies sleep.

★★★★★ Sleep Pillow apps have been featured on ABC, CBS, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Successful Living, AppAdvice, 148Apps, AppCraver, Appolicious, & several radio stations.

Sleep Pillow Baby is an awesome collection of sleep sounds that will make your baby and you fall asleep easily, and keep you both sleeping!

The sounds suite includes sounds from different categories including Lullabies, Melodies, Nature, Human environments and more. They are recorded in extremely hight quality and have been perfected for baby and toddler sleep enhancement.

Mommies – get ready for some sleep :-)
You’ve earned it!


Naturally recorded
Premixed for sleep perfection
Extremely high quality

♬ soothing lullaby 1 ♬ soothing lullaby 2 ♬ soft lullaby ♬ piano lullaby 1 ♬ harmonic lullaby ♬ melodic lullaby ♬ piano lullaby 2 ♬ piano lullaby / frere jacques mix ♬ piano lullaby 3 ♬ melodic lullaby 2 ♬ holiday lullaby ♬ philharmonic lullaby ♬ ayurveda harmony ♬ soft beach waves ♬ rain ♬ fireplace ♬ natural garden ♬ night owl ♬ purring cat ♬ crowded room ♬ baby rattle ♬ washing machine ♬ white noise ♬ morning lullaby 1 ♬ morning lullaby 2 ♬ holiday morning harmony

High quality naturally recorded sounds
Studio tuned for perfect sleep enhancement
App runs in the background
App runs while device is locked / screen closed
Sleep timer with slow fadeout
Favorite sounds shortlist
High quality nature images, to set the mood
On screen volume & sound controls
new sounds get added free on every release
natural iPhone / iPod / iPad support
certified on all iOS versions including iOS6

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