Color Squares – Musical Color Recongnition Game for Young Children

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Color Squares – Musical Color Recongnition Game for Young Children

Color Squares is a fun way to improve color recognition and fine motor skills for infants and young children.

“These types of games are what kids need to both learn and eat up some time.”
– GZ Racing ★★★★★

“Simple and good.”
– Tim N. ★★★★★

Color Squares is a game designed to entertain your little ones while working on their eye/hand coordination. Let them color the screen with animated rectangles while they spot different colors.

Vibrant Colors
Smooth Animations
iPad/Retina Support
No Ads! Perfect for infants


Color Squares is a game where you try and clear the screen of mismatch colors. Each level starts with a screen full of different colors. Each time you touch a square, it reveals the background color. Try and clear the screen of colorful squares


Ellies Games combines vivid colors and simple game functions to help your child grow while having fun. Color Dots, Color Squares or Color Sliders all are bright, vivid color based games that help expand a child’s growing mind. Simple themes and a user friendly interface make all of Ellies Games simple and fun for children of all ages.

Ellies Games: Using vivid colors for a brighter tomorrow.

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