Battery Boost Magic pro

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Battery Boost Magic pro

Extend device battery life and reduce drain by following the tips in the app and running full cycle charges monthly

Full cycle charge history tracking
Most accurate with 1% increments
Shows battery time left for different uses
Library of battery tips
Library of screen maintenance tips
Screen color cycle utility

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Battery Boost Magic helps you extend and maximize your battery life by providing you with a great set of tips and best practices, that combined with the device’s regular full cycle charging will extend your battery life and reduce battery drain.
It also comes with an additional set of features that help you get the most out of your battery & screen. Just see the app highlights below.


★ Full Cycle Charge logging
Logs your full cycle charges so you can keep track of your device battery charging and ensure that you’ve followed the recommended monthly full cycle charge.

★ Device performance
Shows how much power you have for each activity based on your current battery charge:
3G / 4G Talk time
2G Talk time
WiFi data transfer / internet use
3G / 4G / LTE data transfer / internet use
Video playback
Video recording
YouTube watching
Facetime usage
Photo taking
Audio listening
GPS Navigation
3D Games
2D Games
Standby time remaining

★ Accuracy
Battery level displayed in 1% increments.

★ Screen Pro
Utility that slowly cycles a set of colors on your screen. This helps you identify dirt on your screen that might be difficult to see otherwise.

★ Battery Tips
We collected & filtered the most practical battery tips into a visual library of instructions. It will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of battery use. You can extend your battery life by doing these.

★ Screen Tips
We added the most practical set of screen maintenance tips into a visual library. Doing these will help you get years of enjoyment from your device’s screen.

★ Great User Interface
Easy: even kids can use it on iPods.
Gorgeous graphical interface.
Simplest & Most Beautiful Battery App

★Tested & Approved on all product models:
Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad:
iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3Gs
iPod 5, 4
all iPads including iPad mini


★ Featured on AppAdvice, AppCraver, MyAppWorld, AppPicker & many others.

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“Have it on all of my family’s iPhones and iPad”

“Highly recommend it for everyone”

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“Definitely added a few hours to average daily battery life”