OnSite Time Tracker

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OnSite Time Tracker

OnSite helps you track and bill for your time. It is ideal for contractors, consultants, lawyers, freelancers, interior designers and anyone that keeps up with their time.

OnSite can also track time automatically at locations. As you arrive and depart OnSite will record the time. It uses the same location aware technology as the Apple reminder app.

“With other apps I always forget to stop or start a session. This app is a no brainer.” -David

✓ Unlimited jobs/locations and unlimited time entries per day.

✓ Make notes about each time entry.

✓ Track hourly pay

✓ Summary of time by day, week, month, all time.

✓ Calendar and List view of time entries

✓ Automatic tracking at locations you specify.

✓ Change range around location for auto checkin.

✓ Export data via email or dropbox in csv and pdf format.

Location awareness is available on iPhone 4 and higher. Location monitoring is accurate to within 3 to 5 minutes on average, if not sooner. OnSite can track a maximum of 20 locations.