DanceDanceRevolution S+ (EU)

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街机游戏 音乐游戏

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DanceDanceRevolution S+ (EU)

The worldwide sensation that started the dance game craze is now on the iPhone and iPod touch!

Get ready to feel the beat as you tap your touch screen! Challenge your sense of rhythm and dexterity in various game modes and let your dancer groove.
The controls are simple – just tap the panel when the arrows coming from the bottom of the screen line up with the arrows at the top!

DanceDanceRevolution S+ features 3 great tunes, a huge cast of characters as well as the revolutionary Shake mode that uses the accelerometer.
For even more action, you can download additional songs and song packs from within the application.

Get ready to move to a brand new DanceDanceRevolution experience!

Also available on the App Store:
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