Nard Club

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桌面游戏 骰子游戏

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Nard Club

Classical Nard game for the iPad optimized for a convenient two-player and network game.

Nard is a two-player board game requiring strategic thinking. The object of the game is to move all your checkers off the “head” and bear them off. The first player to bear off all his/her checkers wins the game. Nard is similar to backgammon, uses the same board, but it has different initial positions and rules.

While developing this app we tried to recreate the Nard game, to make it fun to play just like the real game. For this, the app features the game board, checkers and dice designed like real, and the sounds are natural too. We also like to play Nard ourselves and realize that this is a dynamic game. So we made all animations fast not to slow down the pace of the game. We strongly believe that playing with a real player is much more interesting than with a senseless machine. That is why we did not include AI game mode, but our Nard is optimized to have fun playing live and over the network.


— classical variant of the Nard game
— maximum real life player game experience
— two-player and network game via Game Center
— HD resolution for the New iPad
— helpful tips for novice players

If you have any questions about the app feel free to visit support page: