Dress Assistant

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Dress Assistant

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Catalog your entire wardrobe on your Mac Laptop and never spend hours dressing, undressing, and redressing again with Dress Assistant! See what matches, what doesn’t, and what plain looks good in seconds with this fun virtual wardrobe library before you even set foot into your closet!

Dress Assistant allows users to catalog their entire wardrobe on their laptop or desktop via photographs and organize them into unique categories to mix, match, and critique at will without any undue hassle. Users simply need to photograph their clothes either via their computer’s iSight Camera or with their personal digital camera and save them within the application. Users can order their clothing items within specific categories such as outerwear, shoes, dresses, shirts, or anything else they choose to.
Furthermore, even once users create a complete category they are always free to re-order both the items in a specific category or the categories themselves via Dress Assistant’s category editing feature.

Uploading photos to Dress Assistant is exceptionally easy and now users can import multiple pictures with a single click-and-drag action. Once inside the app mixing and matching clothes for any occasion is as simple as selecting the wanted images and dropping them into Dress Assistant’s arranging screen.
Users aren’t limited to pre-arranging their attire with Dress Assistant. The app allows busy fashionistas the ability to add event’s into the apps calendar where they can save their attire combinations. Users can also save completed clothes combinations and note which occasions or meetings they were perfect for in the past.

The app includes an intuitive user interface which is meant to enrich the everyday ritual of choosing clothes to make it both more fun and more efficient. As an added bonus, Dress Assistant also includes professionally drawn artwork from Griselda Alvarez to denote men’s and women’s category icons.

App Features:

• Customizable wardrobe category creator & editor
• User-friendly photo import options
• Automatic picture-to-thumbnail converter for ease of use
• Flexible photo import options
• Enabled for simultaneous multi-picture import
• Interactive event planner
• Customizable outfit library to save complete wardrobe combinations
• User-friendly & artfully presented user interface

Dress Assistant is developed by Software De Arte.