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ScratchCam FX

Create awesome vintage photos with ScratchCam’s one-click effects generator or take your time crafting the perfect grunge effect in our brand new FX studio!

★ 9 out of 10 users worldwide who rate ScratchCam in iTunes give us either 4 or 5 stars! ★

ScratchCam has endless combinations of textures and colour effects to give your photos a unique look.

★ Heaps of effect variations ★

Scratched & damaged film
Vintage black & whites
Down and dirty grunge effects
Poster & folded paper effects
Awesome colour shifts and combos
Full range of subtle to extreme textures

★ Loads of new features ★

Take full control and craft your effect from scratch
One-Click randomised effects
Easy to use presets
Save your own presets to use again on other photos
Get brand new textures and presets for free in our new download centre
Hi-res support (up to 8mp)
Brand new user-friendly interface


Please email or tweet us @scratchcam if you have any questions or comments about ScratchCam. We love to get your feedback and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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