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娱乐 摄影与录像

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Wrap photos like a piece of soft cloth !
Fill up your instagram with enhanced wrapped photos !
Have your new photo editing studio right on iPad /iPad mini/ iphone & specially optimized for the new iPad mini & iphone5.

Tech BLA presents Wrap Cam Your new handy Photo Wrapping tool.

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Photo Editing Tools -
~~ Twist, turn, stretch and drag your photo like a fabric. Awesome smooth control over your photos.
~~ Fold your photos like curtain, fish, star, wave and various other comic shapes on the touch of a button.
~~ Cocktail two photos in perfect combination. The only photo editor with a special multi photo blend effects.
~~ Exclusive collection of numerous filter effects. Scroll through the vast options of drizzle, electra, emboss, oilblur, slate, sundown, glass, windy, mirror, facade, shades, checker, classic, and much more.
~~ Multiple startling light and color effects. Adjust shades and color of photos to get a gorgeous image.
~~Compare your Photo creation with the Original any time you want

•Wrap and roll your photos swiping your finger on them.
•Change your photos in predefined shapes by simple button touch.
•Apply multiple unique filter effects to create stunning pieces of artworks.
•Merge two photos to compose a new one.
•Light up your memories with customized lights in the photos.
•Colorize your photos and add shades to your memories.
•Add frames to give a perfect finishing.
•Single Click feature to enhance ease of use.
•Delightfully simple and attractive interface.
•High resolution saving of your creation.
• •Share your creations via email, facebook, twitter, instagram


Coming Soon
•Stronger control on editing of Photos
•Pack of new preset wraps.
•More customized wraps
•New set of customized filters
•Share on Flickr and Tumblr.


•Save your creations in the gallery
•Send your photo art via Email
•Share it on Facebook
•Share it on Twitter
•Share it on Instagram


Technology Used
Patent Pending Computer Algorithm developed for wrapping


•Works on ipod3g, ipod4, iphone 4 & 4s and Iphone3gs as well
•It is iphone5,ipad and ipad mini compatible

.Instagram : @wrapcamapp
•Twittter: @WrapCam
•Facebook: Wrap Cam
•Youtube: http://bit.ly/ZPa65G
•Pinterest: http://bit.ly/VW1wxe