Password Safe – iPassSafe+

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Password Safe – iPassSafe+

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iPassSafe – Protecting Your Most Sensitive Data

iPassSafe is using AES-256 FIPS-approved cipher (Rijndael, published in 1998) that may be used by U.S. government departments and agencies to protect classified information up to Top Secret level, 256-bit key, 128-bit block, 14 rounds (AES-256).

Supports iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

- Using Highest Level Of Data Security Standard
- Dropbox Cloud (optional but not a requirement)
- No Annual Fee (self contained app)

★ Credit Cards, Web URL, Contacts, Photos,…
★ Solution for iPod, iPhone, iPad, PC & MAC
★ Web sites login in just ONE tap (see **)
★ Real web Sites Icons (dynamic import)
★ Contact import ➠ direct App call/mail option
★ support (import/Export/view/Print)
- PDF,PPT,DOC,XLS, and more …
★ Built in Password Generator
★ Built in search password tool
★ Built in web browser
★ Data Stored Encrypted on your device only !
★ Sync & backup iOS devices, PC & MAC using:
1. DropBox Cloud 3G/WiFi
2. Built In FTP server WiFI
★ Cloud is optional but not a requirement
★ Free PC-Windows iPassSafe Full Application
★ Free Mac OS-X iPassSafe viewer
★ Multiple Databases (per users or contents)
★ Unlimited record storage (SQL based)
★ Account creation is not needed
★ Very comfort to use , friendly graphical design
★ Password and user copy to clipboard option (*)
★ Self destruct option
★ auto log out option
★ 16xReady Templets (Web,Credit,Photo,Mail..)
★ 24xUser Define Templets

Remember Your Password !
It’s NOT saved in file therefore NO WAY to decrypt data without it (no password – no data)

* for clipboard copy please change “settings”-”security”-”background logout” to none immediately value.

* some sites might not work with auto login

* iPassSafe not doing automatic backup.
User responsible for such backup using FTP or Dropbox features exist in iPassSafe to avoid loss of data when device is lost , damaged or any unexpected reason