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Mobile Savior

Funds raising for Japan’s earthquake!
Funds raising for Japan’s earthquake!
Funds raising for Japan’s earthquake!

In order to do action to help the recovery and rescue for the massive earthquake and tsunami that hammered Japan. If you buy this meaningful application, all of the income will be donated to the funds which are helping the people suffering from this kind of disaster and the development of applications and mobile serious games which are in the domain of disaster prevention or management education.

為因應日本強烈地震與巨大海嘯所引發的災難, 即日起如果你購買此有義意的應用軟體(行動急救包 – 可能救你一命的應用軟體) 收入將捐贈給協助救災的單位或基金來拯救受災害的民眾,以及用於研發有關災害防止與災害管理等相關之應用軟體與行動嚴肅遊戲,加強一般民眾對災害防治與災害管理的知識,讓災害避免發生,若真的發生,會讓災害損失降至最低。

Please do your action to help !

Emergency Savior-A APP may save your life.

1. Use it as an electric torch in the dark areas
2. When come across the earthquake or accidents, use one
touch function to report your location (with precise
longitude and latitude) to get help in time.
3. When taking a taxi, you can take a photo of the register
number of taxi to prevent potential crime. this feature is
specially for the need of female.
4. You can pick your God’s picture from the system to pray
as a last resort

Be sure to input the Email address and phone numbers of emergency contact persons before starting to use the functions of this application.




2.不幸遇到天災(如:地震,山難或任何意外),只 要執行該功能就能正

4. 不幸地,如果以上三種方法都沒辦法幫助您,最後萬物的眾神們也會